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Brno 4 home on the range

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I received my Brno 4 about two weeks ago.
It has a 56 stamp on it and a 06xxx serial number.
I couldn't wait, through the sights on it grabbed some Federal 714 ammo and went to the range. Shot some 1"-11/2" groups at 50 yards. Great!! Took it home, fondled and cleaned it and ordered some good ammo.(Wolf, SK,Eley and RWS.) Went back to the range today with my friend Mark and we both shot it.
Just as it came out of the shipping box. Windy day, overcast and spitting rain.
Open sight at 50 yards.

Holy Crxp!!!!

This rifle is amazing.
We had a great time and Mark starts asking about Brno's.
He was on the internet this afternoon looking for a Model 4. We are both 60+ with eyeglasses and we think with practice this is a one hole shooter no scope at 50yds. What fun!!

I want to thank the folks on this forum for your help and passion.