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Brand New Marlin 717m2 .17 Hm2 SEMI-AUTO CARBINE!

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Hi All!

Lately I have been looking at the variety of 17 HM2 rifles that are out there, and thinking that I may want to pick one up.

I just looked at the MARLIN website, and THERE is the rifle I want to get!

It is the brand NEW model 717 M2. It is an AUTOLOADER which is very cool, plus it looks very much like the discontinued Marlin Camp Carbines (of which I own two, both in 9mm caliber).

If this NEW rifle is as accurate as most Marlins are, I just have to have one when they come out!

Has anyone else seen this as yet?


I'm Excited about this one!

Good Shooting!
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nwo...congrats on finding just what you want!!!
never seen one in stock, or on order anywhere... so good luck.
I have been waiting since December for Marlin to release this rifle. The Marlin rep was at my local gun shop a couple of weeks ago and he could not tell us when it will be released for sale. I hope you have plenty of patience waiting for it, mine is about to run out and buy a different 17m2!
Gary, hurry up and buy something else, you can count on Marlin to release the 717 immediately upon your alternate purchase.....that's my luck, anyway!!! :rolleyes:

I'm excited about it as well, because i've got enough .22 semi auto carbines, and don't feel like buying another 10/22 to make a .17 HM2, when i'm sure the 717 will cost about the same as a barrel and bolt handle for the 10/22.

But they sure are taking forever, almost wish no one would tell you about these things until they were ready then wham. What a new corvette?? why didn't i hear about this... oh that's nice.
So this is one of those mythical carbines like the Ruger 10/17? I would be interested in the Ruger as well, but I have never seen one. Heard about them, but never seen one.

Crap In A Hat.

I like this new Marlin for one because I just love Semi-Autos. I also like it because it resembles the Camp Carbines so much, and I like it because its a Marlin with Marlin quality and accuracy.

I'll have patience, but maybe in the mean time I can look at some other .17 caliber rifle.

I like the lever action Ruger Model 96 in .17 HMR. Hmmm.

Good Shooting!
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