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I was looking at Boyd's Smart Stock and it looks like a very nice stock to me. If I were to get one I would be using it for squirrel hunting so I would like to know if it is light enough to cary through the woods. It would also be nice if the people who have one could tell me how they like it. Thanks, all responses appreciated.:)

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TStafford said:
OK...that does look cool. Details please...
Heavy barrel or sporter or both?
Finished or unfinished?
Thanks for any info.
ok this is gonna take a lil so hold up
price...i dont know if you can buy it...sorry
Barrel...the stock TNZ uses a heavy sporter barrel...its basically a turned down bull barrel...much heavier than a sporter but not as nose heavy as a bull barrel (IMO the best combo in a barrel avail)
the TNZ comes finished only (only avail on the rifle)
That color only for the TNZ...

now the Smart stock
(image blatanty stolen from boyds stocks webpage...please dont sue)
about 135 from boyds
barrel---i beleive only the bull barrel
Finished only
avaiable in nutmeg (think 10/22t,) or pepper (as in the tnz above)

Turner custom (i beleive) has a version (hopefully he'll send a pic soon) that runs i think like 80+shipping unfinished, and finished around the same as the smart stock...

the 10/22 tnz is still available for about 450+shipping...they arent that hard to come by and imo come with everything u need (except extended mag release and auto bolt release, neither of which i like)...and has a very light trigger...the TNZ is the best of all worlds of the 10/22...its great for bench and walking...ive held a Boyds SS and i dont like it as much as i do the TNZ stock...i havent seen turners so i dont know how it is...
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