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Boyd blaster for hunting!

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I was wondering if anyone here uses a boyd blaster with a 18 or 20" barrel for hunting/plincking. I'm new to this, but it would seem to me that a stock for offhand shooting would be good for hunting type situations. The reason I ask is I'm debating between a blaster or a sporter from boyds, they both look great.
Thanks in advance for your replies. :D
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I have 16.5" barrel and the balance feels great with the blaster. seems a little heavy for hunting but i will use mine some.Also have 16.5 on sporter stock not much differance in weight.
Something to consider if you have never used a thumbhole type stock before. Some people find them very awkward for a days carrying. (Depending on your normal carry method) The actual shooting part is however correct, as I see it.

Just a point to consider if you normally carry the gun by that part of the stock while in the field. You'll have to make that decision according to your personal carry habits... not someone elses..

I agree that I would not want to carry a Blaster hunting if I was walking around alot. Have you looked at the Boyds Smart Stock? It is lighter than a Blaster. Also a Hogue (rubber) stock may be the way to go.
Using a Blaster on a bench

Does anyone use this stock on a bench with a rest under the forearm and a sandbag under the rear? I was wondering how practical/comfortable it would be to use this stock on a bench since it was designed for silhouette shooting.
i use my blaster on the bench with no problem. the forearm is wide enough to 'seat' nicely, and i use a bag with 'ears' inder the rear. :cool:
I have a boyds' smart stock and love it to death. It works great for everything.
I have Blaster and a Ross (Both from Boyds) and I pretty much exclusively shoot from the bench. I use a good quality rest and a rear bag.

For me and my setup, the Ross is very much superior to the Blaster from the bench. The Blaster rear just doesn't ride-the-bag nearly as well as the Ross.

Having said the above, the Blaster seems easier when shooting offhand, although I rarely shoot that way. Also, its "cooler-looking" and gets more "range-looks".

Take yer pick. Either stock is good. If Boyds will provide an UDI Smart Stock (I've been begging), I'm going to make that my next project.

I have both Boyd's that you mention and a Zero Shark as well. I am waiting delivery on a Turner Barracuda. For offhand shooting, there is nothing that compares to the Shark... but I have not gotten the Barracuda yet. I think it will be my new favorite.

My reason is very simple... on an offhand shooter, I like a little cast off and a little toe out. The Boyd's Blaster is rail straight. Not that it can't be bent into shape by someone who knows what they are doing, but for me personaly, I like it better on the bench than afield, though the other Boyd's stock is superior on the bench. I am not familiar with the Boyd's smart stock (I haven't fired one) but it looks too flat for my tastes... I like a nice, hefty cheekpiece. It's looks good for the bench though.

Try to find a Barracuda or Zero Shark (Brownells) to test fit. If you are looking for an offhand carry gun, you won't be disappointed. I know that after a very short time, I got used to the thumbhole design very quickly and in fact, it gives you a couple of carry/ handling options that a 'standard' stock does not.
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Would the action/barrel be required to be bedded if I wanted to use any of the wooden stocks mentioned above, i.e. Blaster? I have a Houge stock right now and do not have any experience with bedding actions. Would it be better if I have it done by a gunsmith or maybe do it myself? I would like to give it a try if it is not too difficult, what bedding method would be recommended?
i have one gun with an 18" Boyd barrel on it, i didn't bed it, just used the existing pressure point built into the blaster. shoots great, so i'm leaving weel enough alone. i modified the second blaster i got. the gun has a 20" fluted GM barrel, i cut the forend of the stock off - sort of like the barracuda stock. the barrel is completely free-floated except for a small teflon pad that i added about .5" in front of the receiver. i also added a small pad at the rear of the receiver, so the take-down screw pulls the barreled action firmly in place. seems to work well, so i'm not going to mess with it any more. :cool:
I like the stocks mentioned above

and have a blaster that I love to use
both from the bench and off hand.

But for hunt'in I still perfer,if I am go'in to use a 10/22 for hunt'in, a simple
factory Deluxe Sporter Stock with a 22"
Gm sporter weight barrel.
i love my TNZ's modified Smart Stock...works beutifully for offhand and benched as well as off a bipod
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