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Dwight Conlan (Turkey Creek)

Here are my scores for the month of April- I'll also report them to the new Missouri Captain- seems that it really does help to keep my eyes open- more likely it helps to use some of my precious Federal 900 ammo- you know, the old stuff with the dimples in the brass- anybody know where I can get some more of this good old ammo?- seems my Lux really likes it 50 Yards- 223-2X- CZ Lux 22LR- Simmons Scope- Federal Gold 900 25 Yards- 246-2X- CZ Lux 22LR- Simmons Scope- Federal Gold 900.
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Scope rings . . .

I have Millett rings on my 452 American. I lapped the saddles of the rings before mounting the scope. One of our Winter Texans from Ohio came down to Mission last year with a set of BKL's's on his 452 Varmint. I liked the looks of them and the way they fit the CZ rail. I ordered 3 sets from Brownells. One set went on a CZ Special, another on an Anschutz 1451. The third set is going home with me on Friday and will go on my Grandson's Marlin 25N.

Those two sets of BKLs took very little lapping, telling me they have close tolerances: Closer than the Milletts.

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