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Bought a Bore scope

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I decided to get one of these to see what’s going on inside the barrels. What surprised me was all the scratches on the lands of my cz 457 barrels. These look to be from the factory because they are perpendicular to the rifling. I use a Bore tech bore guide and .20 Bore tech rod.
I also have a Lilja custom barrel and that barrel is perfect except for the carbon ring in the chamber. I got that all cleaned up so I guess the scope is a useful tool.

Carbon ring on the Lilja barrel.

All cleaned now.

Lilja barrel,
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Funny, I got one within the last month too. I'm not worried about the little machine marks and stuff either, but it is very interesting to see what the cleaning regime does and doesn't do. Especially with .22LR chambers that get crusty quick. We have club rifles that got to the point of not extracting because of the carbon ring buildup, other shooters I know have had same issue with their .223 service rifles.

One thing I noticed right away in the CZ 457 I just got was the incredibly deep rifling, deeper than any other rifle I've stuck the scope in so far, including my Kreiger match barrel. You can clearly see it comparing the CZ v Lilja barrel in the pics above. The CZ is the only .22 I have that the plastic storage rods I have to stand rifles up in the safes don't really fit. Had to cut one off and sand down to make the diameter smaller. Seems doubtful you could shoot one of these barrels out (especially shooting LRN bullets). ;)
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