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Bore Guide for 93R17

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Can someone recommend a bore guide that works well in the 93R17?


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Bore guide

LeafAngel said:
Can someone recommend a bore guide that works well in the 93R17?

YES, I can recommend the Stoney Point RF-SAV1 RIMFIRE PART NO 043285
for the Savage 93 17 GV :t

BUT !! If you try to follow the instructions , it will end up in the trash as they are total gobblygooch. :1t

The way to go is this:- :) best done with the gun in a gun vice

Remove the bolt.

1Take the bore guide in hand.
2 Pull off the black handle that has the solvent slot.
3 Slide off the large centre slide. ( note knurled end )
4 Ensure the rubber "o" ring is on the black inner to the gold shoulder.
5 Fit the inner into the breech and locate the cut out over the ejector lug.
6 Locate the large sleeve with the large cut out down, pull back the trigger and ease in as far as it will go with the knurled bit to the back.
7 Now replace the black handle with the slot up and clean the gun

When finished just follow the procedure backwards


It works a treat :t :t
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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