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Bolt question-normal or defectve?

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Hi guys. I'm new to this forum, and to .17's. I just got a 93r17-GLV, and I noticed that at the base of the bolt handle, where it meets the bolt, 2 of the cornees of the square base look like they were milled of, at an angle, so that the corners are silver, not black. This is only on the two corners towards the muzzle, not where the ligs lock up.

Has anyone seen this? It's not a functional problem, but I was wondering. FWIW, I was happy to find a left handed model-my first. I was a little skeptical about the Savage, because of the protruding mag, but it is really not noticeable on the wood stocks, and I am really happy with my purchase. I am looking forward to hitting the range this week, if it doesn't rain.
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