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Bolt Lock for suppressed use?

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Anyone know where to find a bolt lock for the 10/22. Right now I hold the bolt handle with my thumb in the closed position for very quiet, albeit single shot, shooting. Would like a more "fixed" solution. Does anything like this exist?

Next question; am I killing the gun by doing this? I've only done it a half dozen times or so more as a demo to friends about the differences in sound between the 10/22 & 77/22 suppressed...
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I believe CD also said somewhere that the bolt mod wasn't worth the trouble. When I have done this, I hold it in a manner close to normal, but slide my support hand (left hand) back and simply insert the 4 fingers of my left hand on the bolt, behind the charging handle. The index finger is against the back of the bolt. It works just fine, once you conquer the fear that the bolt might hurt you. Which it won't.

If you are a lefty, you do the same, but just use the thumb of the left hand on the bolt handle.
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