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Boeshield T9 Solved BIG Problem

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Has anyone tried Boeshield T-9 for internal lubrication? It does have wax in it and can be applied and left to dry for heavey protection/lubrication or wipped off for a lesser degree of protection and lubrication. I have used it on a T/C 22 Classic rifle that liked to jam up. It now shots without any problem and very little powder residue found after 150 plus rounds. Prior to trying this lubricant/protection, I was jaming regulary with what appeared to be excessive unburned powder and carbon in the firing/triger area. T9 dries and does not appear to hold fired residuals as a lequid lub does. Boeshield is made by Boeing Aircraft tp rotect and lubricate. Last time out I fired 150 rounds of American Eagle, or what ever it is that Federal puts out and no jams or misfires, except the very first round that did not fire. I purchased it to protect and slick up wood working machines. Woodcraft sells the stuff.
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I haven't tried the product you mentioned, and I don't have any jam problems with my late model Classic. But I did order some spray dri molly lube to try (don't have it yet).

I did a full cleaning and ran my Classic till it started to fail to eject. It looked like the chamber (semi-match) got too tight for shells to come out reliably. Now, this was at 1,000 rounds without any cleaning, over about 4 or 5 trips to the range, about 6 weeks. I took the gun apart to do a full cleaning. To my surprise, when I took off the trigger guard, a bunch of unburned powder fell out the bottom of the stock. It never affected function in my case, but I saw it was there.

I have wondered if regular oil on the rod that holds the recoil spring would attract burned powder and degrade performance.

I'm gonna try some dry lube also.

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