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Bob and two friends in Oregon

280 3
Joe, I have a couple extra shooters this month. We all shot at my place
as I have a covered bench and it's good for lefty's, like my brother.
Mike Bailey 238 5X
Anschutz 1407 Leupold 36 Hart Rest with a Hoehn Windage top and Hoehn
Tuner Lapua L
Leighton Walling 242 5X Win 52 D Weaver 36 Hart Rest Young Top Fudd
Tuner Eley EPS
Bob Walling 248 6X (tied my best ever score with my suhl)
Hall Action Lilja 16T Barrel Hoehn tuner @ 256 setting K.C. Young Rest
with a Fudd Top, the new one. Eley EPS
I lent ammo to Mike and my brother and now I have 2 boxes of Lapua left
and no Eley. I was going to shoot at Marcola this morning and didn't
wake early enough to go, still turned out to be a good day. If I could
shoot a 250 at 50 yds on a USBR target I would retire and go fishing,
maybe. =o) BTW all targets were shot at 50 yards.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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