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Hey Everybody

I am sure this is not news to anybody, but I just thought I'd pollute the CZ forum with some comments about how thrilled I am with the UL. My brother and I bought few firearms in the past couple years. I researched on this site and others and decided on the 452 Ultra Lux.

Typically we shoot indoors (Chicago Suburbs are about the most un-gun friendly place in the USA) at a max distance of about 70 feet. The poor lighting makes a scope handy so I bought a cheapie Barska scope. I love the scope, and for 30 bucks, its a fantastic value.

NOW, to the point:

I had a chance to fire off about 40 rounds of Federal Ultra-High Velocity outdoors on private property. We had a slowfire pistol target and several cans etc on logs. Every shot was dead on at distances ranging 200 - 300 feet. All of this accuracy with a scope sighted-in indoors at 60 feet.

CZ All The Way! and thanks for all the advice and tips floating around the forum.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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