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Blown away by 452 Ultra Lux Accuracy

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Hey Everybody

I am sure this is not news to anybody, but I just thought I'd pollute the CZ forum with some comments about how thrilled I am with the UL. My brother and I bought few firearms in the past couple years. I researched on this site and others and decided on the 452 Ultra Lux.

Typically we shoot indoors (Chicago Suburbs are about the most un-gun friendly place in the USA) at a max distance of about 70 feet. The poor lighting makes a scope handy so I bought a cheapie Barska scope. I love the scope, and for 30 bucks, its a fantastic value.

NOW, to the point:

I had a chance to fire off about 40 rounds of Federal Ultra-High Velocity outdoors on private property. We had a slowfire pistol target and several cans etc on logs. Every shot was dead on at distances ranging 200 - 300 feet. All of this accuracy with a scope sighted-in indoors at 60 feet.

CZ All The Way! and thanks for all the advice and tips floating around the forum.

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Welcome to RFC!
The CZ Ultra Lux's are just plain fun.:bthumb:
:Welcome: Doc, to the CZ madness!

In the CZ/BRNO forum we love to hear these stories of new CZ owners falling in love with their Czech rimfires. Well made, great shooters, and reasonably priced - a trifecta of rimfire happiness. :)

Keep up the shooting -- let the good folks in the Chicago area know that firearms aren't the problem. :t

Keep on posting and join us in the learning and sharing.
Good to hear success stories and glad you joined us, welcome to the ward.:)
Heya Doc.. :Welcome: to Club UL :bthumb:

I had mine scoped for the first couple of range trips, just to see how it'd do.. then went to Brno sights instead (they are way more fun).. don't know if they'd work for you if you're shooting indoors with not-so-great lighting.

The UL is a super fun gun.. try it with std velocity ammo and it's so quiet that everybody will think there is an internal suppressor built into it :D

Glad to have you aboard, eh?

Welcome to the club. Glad you love it. My 1st was a UL and they are amazing.
9 fingers
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