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Bloody good fun :)

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Hi folks!

I took my new 10/22 to my local range this morning for the first time :)

My new 10/22

Fantastic! I had a few jams, but I think this was due a combination of a bit too much lube attracting dirt and because the rifle was new and the mechanism was bedding itself in.

I had two distinct types of jam. The first kind was where the magazine failed to feed the next round up and the spring mechanism in the magazine appeared to jam. Each time this happened I locked the bolt open and shook the magazine a few times to get the spring to feed, then took all the rounds out and fired them individually.

The other jam which was much more common was the the loaded round would fire, the bolt would return to the closed position but when I squeezed the trigger there was no round chambered. When I took the magazine out everything looked ok and after the magazine was replaced the rifle fired perfectly.

I think this second jam might be the same as the first, but either the jolt of the rifle firing dry or me removing the magazine released the spring mechanism in the magazine and pushed the next round into place.

I've stripped the rifle down and cleaned it again, making sure there isn't too much lubricant in the mechanism. I've noticed that since firing this morning (100-150 rounds) the mechanism seems 'looser' as if it's bedding in nicely.

I also bought a second Ruger magazine so I've got a spare.

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Magazine Service


You need to service your magazine.....! ! :(

Read this thread: "Sticky: Sticking Magazine [Magazine Service] " at the top of this Forum......! ! :)

Good Luck....! ! :)
Ok - thanks for the tip :)

I need to pop down the hardware store to get the allen wrench, then I'll give it a go tomorrow :)

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Hey Barclay! Good to see another michigander here :). Glad to see you enjoying the new rifle. When it's broken in it'll settle down as will the groups. Practice will help you get used to it, of course. I picked up the basic carbine model this year and really enjoy the rugged, reliable performance. Groups weren't too good until I floated the barrel. It now shoots good enough at 50yds (with a decent scope) until I can get a target barrel. Do you have a scope for it yet? If not, then you'll have a real treat when you get one installed. Good shootin'!

Heh :) Thanks matey.

No scope yet, I'm trying to calm the wife after telling her it would cost around $200 for me to indulge myself in this sport and then spending closer to $300 with the case, cleaning stuff, ammunition and getting the $214 model at Wal-Mart :)

Perhaps she won't notice if a scope 'appears' :)

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Great site you have going there!!!

I love the safety aspects that you added, with the gun lock! :t

I can't wait to see what you do with your rifle. There's so much out there for the 10/22 that it's ridiculous. ;)

Welcome to the Addiction!
Shhh :) Don't tell the wife, but I'm doing a spot of on-line shopping for some VQ accessories tomorrow :)

By the way folks, the 9/64 allen wrench needed for magazine disassembly, I couldn't find - but in metric a 3.5mm does the job perfectly - 71 cents from my local hardware store :)

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Nick I regret to inform you that the group you posted was typical for Remington ammo. The good news is that mini mags will usually group under an inch! Give em a try. When you get a chance, upgrade to at least a 3X9 scope and see what your 10/22 will really do. 2" - 3" groups at 100 yards are entirely possible. Under 2" groups are a bit harder with a stock gun and cheap ammo!! I should probably mention that I had some feeding problems with Remington bulk ammo too. Give something else a try. It might not be the magazine. rc
First thing I need to rule out is me :)

That was the first time I'd been rifle shooting since 1999 when I qualified on my range safety course in England :)

I took ten weeks of classes which covered how to behave safely on the range to how to gently squeeze the trigger and breathing techniques.

All the breathing techniques went out the window when I found myself at my local range the other day with my new 10/22 though :) Like a kid on Christmas morning :)

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Hey, Barclay, Sir,

Where do you get all of those neat "tag" lines at the end of your posts? They certainly are entertaining! Are you inserting them from some kind of repertoire each time?


Heh :) It's a bit of a trademark of mine on other groups I post too :)

They're from a 'fortune cookie' program I worked on in the early 1990's. The actual program runs on a UNIX box, originally it had a couple of hundred cookies and over the years different people, myself included, added to it. :)

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Good stuff, and a nice site. Very clear pics, I guess I need a new camera :(
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