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Blasphemy to drill/tap the receiver on a M12 for scope bases?

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I really like my H&R M12. I bought it without any sights. It came with the EGW scope base that bolts to the rear scope block mounting holes on the barrel and hangs out over the receiver.
I can feel the whole scope/mount vibrate a little when fired, and can see movement if I push down on the rear of the scope. However that is not really the main issue.
My main issue is the scope base does not extend back far enough to get a good eye relief.
I have the scope rings back as much as I can, and the scope as far back in the rings as I can, and it is still not comfortable. I have to move my head forward to get a proper picture through the scope, to the point it is not natural.
It is not LOP issue, as that fits me perfectly. The original stock that came on it when I bought it had been cut down to a shorter LOP and it was too short and uncomfortable. And I still had the eye relief issue with it.
While some do not like the stock, I find it actually very comfortable.

With the current scope mount not extending over the rear receiver ring, I got thinking, how much would it be frowned upon to have the receiver drilled/tapped for a scope base (either one or two piece) on top of the receiver?

It is a shame they do not still make the Ken Viani mount, and no one has started reproducing it. Finding one is very hard and cost almost what I paid for the gun if you do find one.

Or, does anyone know of any other scope bases/mounts for the M12 that can put the scope over the receiver?
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MHO is that most military trainer collectors would frown on the alteration , if you can mount your glass without defacing the rifle they would say nothing , ive used the mounts that came on my kimber M82 or the screws for those to do mine up with good glass , all parts are saved and the rifle can be returned to original , but ....

the rifle is yours , do as you please , later owners will either adust or pass on it if they feel the need , again JMHO
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