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Bkl 257 rings are "OUT OF STOCK"

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Been trying to find some BKL 257 rings at all the usual places. Air Guns of Arizona, Brownells, Sinclair....all out of stock and they don't know when they will get them. Don't really want to go to BKL direct and be waiting like everyone else. :oops:

Anyone have any other ideas of where to get some?

Or do I just go with another option for my 452 Varmint .17HRM with 3/8" dovetail. Will be mounting a Weaver V16. Model # and heights that will work, in your opinion.

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Yep, I got another idea. :D

PM HotRod9mm and get one of his awesome new CZ dovetail-to-Weaver adapters and a set of Burris medium Sig. Zee rings. That will make it as close to perfect setup you'll ever have. :t

Craig N...

I'd show you some pics of mine, but dang photobucket ain't working for me right now. :(
+1. Cost a lot more, but in this case, you'll get what you paid for.
When cancelling my order for the BKL rings from Air Guns of Arizona, they reported that "BKL is apparantly no longer in business".
If true, be gentle with Gerald (gmd1950). He will be in mourning....
As a back drop to Geralds feelings towards BKL, I will not miss them one single bit.
Most all of my other modern rimfires have been set-up with quick detach rings on a Weaver base, so to me, Hotrod9mm's new supply of Weaver single piece bases for ALL of the 452 and 453 Models INCLUDING the Lefties (Me) AND the Stainless (Nickel) finished Styles is perfect timing.
He even ensured that the spacing was correct in order that the 10/22 guys, such as myself can cross over a scope on Q-D's to a CZ and back with the spacing matching perfectly. Same with His answer for "Other" popular brands (you'll have to insert the brands at this time):D .
Now I can quickly and easily change optics on all of my favorite guns.
I tried those BKL 257's on my Anschutz, they are the last and only set I will ever buy.
They do not hold center, AND they instill stresses into the scope tube just by virtue (there's an oxymoron) of their design.
I also tried the Brooks 2-Piece Weaver adapters, for over a year I thought my Varmint in HM2 had some sort of terrible issues when all along it was those bases moving and shifting around.
Quickest way I know to accurize your CZ is to install a one piece Weaver adapter base that was designed and clearanced properly in the first place with 6 screws that promote and hold a perfect center. Soon as I can, I'll post a pic of the BKL's at the bottom of my trash can!:)[/QUOTE

Not necessary, Greg, I have the same picture...

(PS: Your PM box is full.)
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