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Bkl 257 rings are "OUT OF STOCK"

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Been trying to find some BKL 257 rings at all the usual places. Air Guns of Arizona, Brownells, Sinclair....all out of stock and they don't know when they will get them. Don't really want to go to BKL direct and be waiting like everyone else. :oops:

Anyone have any other ideas of where to get some?

Or do I just go with another option for my 452 Varmint .17HRM with 3/8" dovetail. Will be mounting a Weaver V16. Model # and heights that will work, in your opinion.

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Have you tried "Straight Shooters" or "Airguns of Arizona" they may have them in stock.

If true, be gentle with Gerald (gmd1950). He will be in mourning....
Man I'm already burning candles and doing incantations, not really but I do hope it isn't true as they'll a good quality solution to a lot of mounting problems for reasonable prices. Their lack of communication is a shame and there are a lot of folks who will miss them if they're gone, buy stock in Warne and B-Square I guess?!?:D

Thanks JEE, but I have enough on hand to take care of quite a few of my defective firearms that work perfectly with them, and remember children "opinions are like bum holes, everybody has one and they all stink, some just a bit worse than others".:D Some of you guys are reeking!!!! LOL.:D

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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