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Accuracy consideration

It seems a main problem with the bipods is that one leg is likely to move before the other during recoil. One of my friends told me that putting the legs on a soft carpet helped with an accuracy problem on his CZ-452 American. Bipods are not allowed in IR-50/50 NBRSA, RBA or IBS rimfire matches. USBR and ARA do allow them. One of the ARA shooters told me that if you put a 12" x 14" plate of polished aluminum or plate glass on the bench, with contact feet at three points, then place a piece of slick paper (wax paper) between the plate and the bipod legs, that the legs will both slide at the same time. It is also important to be sure the legs are angled out at the bottom: Bottom of the legs closer to the muzzle.

When I tried my freinds CZ with the bipod, the first thing I noticed was that you do not have to think about and correct cant after each shot. Just a small amount of cant will move your shot to some place you don't want it to go: Like left and high if you tip the rifle to the right, Right and high if you cant it to the left.

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