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WisconsinWombat said:
If you are looking for a cheap do it yourself field rifle rest check out varmint als site, i made one last year and don't go squirrel hunting without it. http://www.varmintal.net/abifu.htm
Yes, you can get a nice cheap piece of wood for this by buying a piece of "parting stop" at most lumber outlets.

...nice 1/2" x 3/4" nominal wood, already fabbed.

Just stain & finish is all it takes.

Get a 1/4" carriage bolt, a washer, and a butterfly nut at Home Depot and you're ready to go...all zinc coated for cutting down glare & weather resistance.

For the spike in the end, just drill a small hole about 3/16" and epoxy a 16p zinc coated finishing nail with the head ground off to make it even. If you want to get fancy you can wrap picture hanger wire around the end to prevent splitting before you stain & finish.

Open it up, tighten the butterfly bolt, and it's plenty firm enough to use.

...then modify as desired.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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