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Better To Be Lucky Than Good

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I just upgraded my Black Mamba with a new rear sight from Volquartsen. I was using my OEM sight from my 22/45 Lite with a fiber optic front from VQ. I was getting low hits no matter how high I raised the rear sight.

I got my new sight from Volquarsten on Monday, installed it and centered it the best I could. I measured the height of my OEM rear and added a few clicks hoping that would get me close.

I lucked out. I got to the range today and forgot my screwdriver set so i was SOL for trying to fix the sight. I asked a friend if I could borrow his set but all he had was a jeweler's screwdriver.

First shots at 10 yard to see how close I was. I was 1 inch under the A on a USPSA target. I moved back to 15 yards and had no troubles keeping all my hit in the A zone of the head so I guess I'm dead on. I didn't have to move the rear sight 1 click.

A lucky day for sure.
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Sometimes the stars align and our intuition reins supreme!

Revel in your success and enjoy your Black Mamba (minus the drinking part, LOL) :)
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