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best value in an accurate 10-22 barrel ???

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just so you know... I also have some high quality stuff, but I'm in this groove lately of building ultimate "on the cheap" rifles right now...

I reciently attended an Appleseed shoot, & pulled out of the vault a 10-22 I had not shot for years... the rifle was probably 10-12 years old just to give you guys an eye deer of when it was made... its a stainless barreled silver gun, with a standard barrel profile, but is currently stocked in an old Fajien thumbhole camo lami stock inletted for a bull barrel, I removed the scope, added a set of Tech Sights, a front sling stud, & good military sling...

the gun does not shoot as well as I had hoped, so I'm thinking about building another one as a trainer for my SKS "on the cheap" ( I'll likely turn the stainless / thumbhole gun back into a target gun, & rescope it, & add a nice stainless bull barrel to fix it) with the increasing cost of ammo, I'm wanting to shoot some more 22 this next couple years... so I'm looking for a blued ( or black ) standard weight or preferably a varmint weight barrel, but preferably not a .920 target weight barrel that I could mate to a cheap blued / black, bulk buy ( you know...the Walmart "type" gun ), & get better than "Walmart gun" accuracy out of... I want the sight dove tails on the barrel to be able to install the Tech Sights, & hope to buy a gun, cheap, with a black composite stock, & do a few of the trigger, bolt release mods you guys have graciously posted here...

anyone have a good suggestion for a match chambered .7XX contour barrel in blue / black, that has the sight dovetails, shoots good, & costs little ???
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