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Best Target rifle under $500?

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So it looks like I will have a little extra cash on hand this month, right at $500. I was hoping to get a new air rifle. All I have used in the past is dirt cheap walmart specials. I think its time to step into something decent. This is strictly going to be a target rifle and most of that will probably be in the basement. Any other work I have plenty of rimfires or bigger to take care of. As such I'm just looking for something to keep me in practice over the winter. I'm not 100% sure if I will use iron/aperture style sights with this or if I would go with a scope. If I do go with a scope I'll take care of that on additional money and not take away from this $500.

I have been eying the Benjamin Discovery. I have always thought PCP rifles looked fun and it sounds like PCP rifles don't require air rated scopes which would remove the need to buy a new scope. The negative is that this rifle seems quite loud and I don't want to anger the neighbors or those living with me.

Other than that I am open to any ideas. PCP was just one but certainly not set there. I want to work on both position shooting and bench work so a stock that works well both on the bags and off would be great.

I guess in the end the real issue is that all the previous air gun experience I have came with cheap rifles/pistols that were very inaccurate. I want this to be a bit of training tool for the winter months when I can't get to the range to keep up with firearm shooting. What is the best I can get for $500?
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