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Best "sleeper" you ever bought?

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Guns that "shoot better than they should".
You know, the kind of stuff that you didn't expect much from before you shot it, but proved to be real gems.

I'm lucky enough to have a few, which I stumbled across here and there over the years.
For handguns, I'd say it's my Taurus 96. Much better than expected (or paid).
For rifles, either a FrankenRuger 10-22 or an old Marlin-made Sears bolt .22.
And to sneak in a .22 air rifle, I have an RWS springer that turned out to be much more than I bargained for.

What's yours?
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Picked up a Glenfield M25 bolt action new at Dicks back in the 80s. It was a Black Friday deal. $39.00. I was going to give it to my teenage BIL for Christmas. I stripped the stock of it's brown spray coat and rubbed in a couple coats of BLO and put a $19.95 1" Tasco 4x on it. Came out real nice. My BIL blew it though. He shot at his sister with a air pistol so no way I was giving it to him. I took it to the range and found out it would keep all the shots in a dime size group at 50yds with PMC Zappers. I used it for squirrels and won a quite a few local "hunter" silhouette shoots with it until a couple guys started showing up with full blown competition rifles. Still have it. Now I'll have to dig it out. I think I also have a brick of those old Zappers too.
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Really? Really? :oops:
Really with 1 shot groups. I do it all the time.:ROFLMAO:
Mine would be a rusty Remington 511 and a CBC 122, they are both wonderfully cheap little stinkers
that manage to hit anything you point at. Though I have a backlog of stuff I have yet to try such as a Winchester 1911 S.L, Winchester model 50, Remington 341, Remington 341-p, and a Remington 510.
Funny you say that. I have some that are very average on paper but I seem to hit what I,m aiming at in the field almost always. Small stuff. Not water melons.
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