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Pdwight said:
Its funny or strange that these guns do not have a higher resale value ? they are basicly a 22 Python without the rib. They have a better action than a Diamondback and rarely do you see one for over $350 ??? I would buy a Diamondback to finish out my Colt 22 Collection in a heartbeat for that price ....but they are always over $500...usually well over !!!!!!

Dwight P
You are correct, the OMT or OMM is a better gun in almost every respect to the Diamondback, but sells for less. Its hard to spend the $ for the Diamondback when you know the OM is a better value. The Diamonbacks look so good that if someone didn't know better they would think it was Colt's top of the line 22lr revolver.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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