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A used Anshutz or Walther will run circles around that Kimber in positional. The Kimber looks nice though. The H&R has an awful stock although it might be all right for prone. It has an excellent action (52 copy) but you will probably need to restock it. The Win 52 was/is an excellent rifle but it has reached collector status and are priced accordingly. Also scopeing it will be problematic but not impossible. The Japanese 52 is also excellent but it is in a model B style stock (sporter not positional). A used Martini MKII, II, or IV would be neat but I don't know how compettive it would be.


http://www.champchoice.com/catalog/index.php? action=dosmallpage&showpage=53
I can not get this link to work right. Scan for Walther and look at the new Walther target rifles. They start at 525.00 and include match sights.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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