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Best deal on a target rifle?????

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Rifle would be used for prone and possibly position shooting.
Needs to have both iron sights and the option of using a scope.
Just wondering what your opinions are.
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Some idea as to budget and if you are open to a used rifle helps for this kinda question.

well.... you know what they say...

How much ya willin' to spend???

The Winchester 52-C with a standard wieght barrel and a set of Redfield Olympic sights might work? For a scope--an Unertl that'll fit the barrel blocks. OR, a new 40X with a 1-16" twist barrel would probably work too. There are many choices.....but 52's are tough to beat..
trying to put together a list for friends who may be interested.
The CMP Kimbers are $600. so lets stay in that ball park.
What else is out there thats widely available?
Anyone know how the H&R M12s stack up to the Kimbers?
A used Anshutz or Walther will run circles around that Kimber in positional. The Kimber looks nice though. The H&R has an awful stock although it might be all right for prone. It has an excellent action (52 copy) but you will probably need to restock it. The Win 52 was/is an excellent rifle but it has reached collector status and are priced accordingly. Also scopeing it will be problematic but not impossible. The Japanese 52 is also excellent but it is in a model B style stock (sporter not positional). A used Martini MKII, II, or IV would be neat but I don't know how compettive it would be.


http://www.champchoice.com/catalog/index.php? action=dosmallpage&showpage=53
I can not get this link to work right. Scan for Walther and look at the new Walther target rifles. They start at 525.00 and include match sights.

If you are asking the question; then I "assume" that you are either new to SB 3P/Prone shooting or returning to the sport after a long layoff. Either way, the answer is the same. Anschutz or Walther. If you have the bucks and want a high end target rifle, buy new. If you want a high end target rifle and are not sure if you will shoot enough to justify $1500-3000 on a competition setup, buy used. I bought a dog looking Anschutz 1407 from Thad Scott for around $500. Mostly, because I shot one years ago and wanted to relive the past. I spent 3 days refinishing the stock, cleaning up the sights, etc., but underneath the crud was an Anschutz waiting to be shot. It grouped most ammo (eley, lapua, RWS, Fiocchi, Wolf) around .4 at 50 yds. Good enough for prone, but not for 3P. I was a bit disappointed, but I figured for 500 bucks, "what do you expect"? I finally shot some inexpensive SK+ and the groups dropped into the 2's @50, and under an inch at 100. Bought a case. Shoots as well as either of my free rifles. Incidentally, the rear sight, after a bit of work to clean it up and spray paint, looks great and works just fine. One final comment. I like the 52. I competed early on with a 52D. Nice iron sight prone rifle, but the stock is not as adjustable as the Anschutz or Walther for 3P. That's important. IMO, if Winchester had put the effort into keeping its stock design current, instead of looking at it as an across the course clone of the M70 , it would still be in production. I would like to buy "American", but we don't have any real domestic options in the 3P/Prone shooting sports.
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Thanks for the experienced answers.
I'm currently shooting a 52C, Martini MkIII, and if I can ever find a conventional (ie. flat) buttplate, a Schultz & Larsen position rifle.
I'm happy with what I have, just need to practice more.
I've owned a Walther KKM, Remington 513, Remington 40XB, and a couple of Anchutz sporters in the past, your right, they are fine rifles.
I've several friends, both male and female, who might become more interested in persuing position and prone if the weight of the rifle and the price doesn't deter them.
The Walther with the CZ action, at $700. doesn't sound too bad long as it groups well, the CZ sporters certainly group well enough (I've 2 that will hang with Coopers offerings, and regularly beat a couple of Kimbers).
I recently shot my first "sanctioned" prone match. Due to my lack of conditioning, the rifle (52C heavy) which I normally fire in benchrest, felt like it was gonna kill me ;)
I have actually fired better scores with my sporter weight Walther, but that was also with a 24X scope.
I've even kicked the idea around 'bout rebarreling a Sako Finnfire Range which wears a semi-position fully adjustable style stock, into a somewhat lighter weight rifle for smaller structered folks. Problem there is getting iron sights up to the task.
Still the cost might be prohibitive.

Please keep the ideas coming.
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The 52C and Mark111 will get the job done in prone. Like you, I also enjoy taking a sporter rifle to a match. I competed in a 1600 prone match a couple of years ago with a Kimber 82C varmint rifle and shot in the low 1590's. I discovered that the itty, bitty sling stud in front is no replacement for a hand stop; and by the end of the match the pressure from the sling left me with numb fingers for about 6 months! So, the finnfire range sounds like the ticket. Also, I have a finnfire hunter with a lilja that I user for silhouette. I put an Anschutz rear sight on the dovetail and got a barrel band from champions choice for the Anschutz front sight and shoot open sight silhouette matches at the club. Works fine.
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