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best ammo for the SVT

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what are people having good luck with when it comes to the SVT??

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I'm haveing good luck with cci standard velocity, cci green tags, and velocitors for hunting.

I've had good luck with Eley EPS, Lapua Master L. and Wolf Match Extra. The cheap stuff doesn't shoot well in my gun....JT
Any Eley, (the cheaper Practice Round Shoots Great)
Wolf MT
Dynapoints & Powerpoints
CCI Green Tag
CCI Standard Velocity
and for a real cheapy: American Eagle 36 grn. HP's

The Best has been SK (Wolf) Sub Sonic & Standard Plus

Doesn't like Winchester T22, Hollow Points
Remington Target, High Speed. Cyclones
CCI Mini-Mags, Blazers
Any Federal
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More aommo

I haven't tried the Wolf MT yet, just got some in last week. I tried everything I could get my hands on, took alot of range notes, and settled on Eley,Lapua, and Wolf......Jim
just a thought mt svt HATES any federal, 3 to 4 in groups. and this is what kimber tests with? like a said just a thought.

Kimbers manual said they use Federal , but the card said Eley.My SVT spits Federal out like watermellon seeds. I buy my ammo online because easier for me to get.......Jim
SVT food

Mine likes WMT and Dynapoints and some of the RWS.Doesn't like anything that says Federal on it.Haven't tried any Lapua,but word on the street says that they like certain types a lot.;)
Hi, this is my first post, just found the the site. My svt LOVES winchester power points. A Kimber rep. told me thats what he shot in his and I tryed them and am not dissapointed. It's like a guided missile hits right where you hold and groups tight, as good or better than card that came with gun .338. Good luck .
I have to agree with Capt Picard ;) , I shot 10 groups of 5 shots (after firing twenty rounds to prep the barrel) of Power Points today (they were sorted by Rim Thickness & Weight) & they were incredible. Best group was .310, worst was .895, average was about .480.

I'm a happy camper :D ! Next comes testing some that aren't sorted.
Ammo for svt

My freind's shoots well with Eley tenx of certain lot #s We managed a .25 @ 50 yards last week.
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