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Best .22LR for less than $250?

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Looking to get myself a .22 and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I live two miles from a nice rifle range, so that's where I'm gonna use it (no hunting).

I've done some research and it seems that the best .22LR for less than $250 is the CZ 452 (Trainer version).

Can you guys recommend something better? I've already ruled out the 10/22, so I apologize in advance to the 50 guys that would have recommended that.

Oh yeah, I'm talking about a new rifle too. I'm not interested in getting a used one.
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Marlin makes some of the best 22's around in all types of actions, lever, bolt, semi. Also they have good target models and single shots. Thier semi's are a good "bang' for the buck, pardon the pun, but there are a good solid rifle. My favorite is my lever acton Golden 39A, its a man sized lever action that shoots, shorts, longs and long rifles. The 39A will probably be up around 300 although.
You'll probably get as many opinions as doan's has back ache pills and each one will be right, just go out and try one on for size or borrow someones you like(if you like it, its up in the air if you have to return it ;) )
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