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Best .22LR for less than $250?

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Looking to get myself a .22 and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I live two miles from a nice rifle range, so that's where I'm gonna use it (no hunting).

I've done some research and it seems that the best .22LR for less than $250 is the CZ 452 (Trainer version).

Can you guys recommend something better? I've already ruled out the 10/22, so I apologize in advance to the 50 guys that would have recommended that.

Oh yeah, I'm talking about a new rifle too. I'm not interested in getting a used one.
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savage Mark 2 LV

I oun a CZ Lux and its wonderful, The savage is a right up there with accuracy too. From all the research Ive done, It should every bit as accurate as the CZ. (Id like to do a side by side test) Its in a laminated stock and has a heavy barrel. I am considering buying one myself. If what I have "read" is true, the the LV is every bit as accurate. I think the CZ is a bit "finer" in fit and finish. The MK 2 can be had for between $200-225 US
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