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Best 22 Target Pistol???

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Hello, I sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm new here.

I've been shooting for years... mostly .45ACP, .38special, .357mag, 9mm, and .40S&W, as you can see by my current and past collection below. Believe it or not, I have never owned or shoot a 22. I've done a couple of different searches and found some comments on Ruger MKIII, and I've looked at Ruger's website and found a LOT of 22 pistols. I'd like to hear Pro's and Con's on the MKIII, as well as others.

Can anyone give me suggestions on a good and reliable 22 pistol?
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Not really a 'con' on the Ruger, but they are not the easiest pistols to field strip and clean. They seem to usually be very accurate and reliable. For the money, they are very hard to beat.

My personal feeling is that the S&W 41 is a much nicer pistol but you will pay a lot more for it. It will not necessarily shoot any better; it's just nicer. Don't know how else to describe it.

If you can find one, the old High Standard target pistols were very nice, too. I had a Victor that would drive tacks and never had any reliability issues. Like a fool, I sold it.

I am personally fond of S&W K22's.
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