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The Ruger magazine does have a "button" I guess you'd call it that you can pull down to take the pressure off the spring when loading.

Both my wife's MK II, and my MK III 22/45 are boringly reliable and accurate. I'm not much of a pistol shot and even I can hit a target with mine from time to time.

The Ruger, either a MK II or MK III isn't all that difficult to field strip and reassemble. It's just not intuitive, so you HAVE to follow the directions, carefully reading and absorbing every word. Some of the wording is not realy clear unless you stop and think about it. You'll read it, but it won't really sink in what it means if that makes sense. For example at one point they tell you to "manipulate the hammer" or something like that. I don't know how many times I read that before it hit me. (SMACK self on forehead here) OH!! They mean PUSH the hammer (I use a pencil). Duhhhhhh Follow the direction and you'll do fine. I still get the book out today and do it step by step but I don't think it's any harder now than a 1911.

Of course on the other hand, that's why they invented "Gunscrubber." (Make sure you use the polymer safe version.)

One like this sells for about $250.00 at Bud's Gun Shop online. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/21_49_74/products_id/14307 The BSA red dot came from Wally World. About $30.00.

I've never fired a Buckmark or a Smith & Wesson 22A, but people seem to think a lot of them, so I'll defer to their experience with them.

We won't talk about revolvers.............................yet.
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