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Sorry, I maybe should have said I'm not intending on spending a lot of money on this gun, otherwise I would buy a new Springfield EMP or something like that. So a S&W 41 might be a little outside what I was thinking of.

I'm looking for a good, reliable 22 for the range... not sure what the dollar range is, but not $1000, and I'm sure $600 might be a little high, after all it is my first 22.
The Ruger or the Browning BuckMark will serve you well. You should go to your local range and try out both pistols to see which one fits you better. Most people will let you try their pistol. It is hard to tell by just holding them, especially considering the fact that you shouldn't dry fire a rimfire gun.
The Ruger is reliable and more accurate than most of us. The BuckMark has these same characteristics, but it is more ergonomic for most people. It feels more like a S&W 41 since it has a modern grip angle. The Ruger has an older style grip angle on the MK Series and is more difficult to disassemble.
You should shoot both and decide which one you like best, after all it is how "you" shoot it that counts.
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