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Bergara or Christensen

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Looking at either a Ranger or BMR carbon in 17 hmr.

Has anyone used both and have reviews? Bergara seems tried and true whereas the Ranger in 17hmr is relatively new. The price is better on the bergara. But I like the stock on the Ranger better and it being 18 inches vs the 20 inch BMR.

Going to have a dead air mask on it 99% of the time so length and weight matters

Any preference?
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Had a Christensen arms Ranger. Went back several time for functioning problems. Replaced it with a Bergara BMR and have been a happy shooter ever since.
Don't have Christensen experience, but have experience with 10/22 and BXR. My heavy barreled 10/22 was disappointing and didn't do it for me. I have looked into Christensen rifles with considerable interest and curiosity. Read lots of reviews and I could never justify the expense or get past the reports of malfunction. I now shoot my BXR with a suppressor and CCI Subsonic ammo, which makes a nearly perfect squirrel rifle. I shoot .5" groups at 50 yds very quietly and consistently. I have lots of other 17HMRs (Anschutz) so it's a no-go there too.
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