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Bergara Newbie

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Ok Guy's/Gal's
I am usually a lever action kind of a person. From 22's several all the way up to 45/70. Browning's, Marlin's and Winchester along with one Rossi.

I have not had a target rifle in several years (couple years) and decided to get one. The only one that the LGS could find was the Bergara B14R in Carbon, so I had them order it. When I received it and got her home and a week later have her all the way I want it, I can say that I really like her. Have not gotten to shoot her as of yet due to the severe wind storm of last Friday took a huge tree and landed it on my shooting table on my range. Have the tree cut up but not gotten rid of it as of yet. So I have not had a chance to shoot it yet. Can't wait.

While admiring it I decided to build a auto bench rest rifle. So I ordered the Bergara BXR in steel off of GunBroker because my LGS could not find one in stock, so it cost me just a little bit more for shipping and LGS paperwork. I am happy I got one though. Have a Boyds At-One stock coming for it, already have have scope and ordered an Atlas style Bipod for it. When I get it pictures will go up. When I get a chance pictures will go up of both rifles.
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I am liking my BXR a lot more now that I put in a Kidd trigger and their -10% recoil spring. The stock spring is a mite too much for SV ammo. The factory trigger, in mine anyway, would produce the occasional misfire. But now that I've tweaked the BXR some with Kidd parts, it is a pretty good shootin' machine.
Thats what I like to hear. Thanks, looking at some wolf springs just in case.
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