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Beretta NEOS U22 Latest Acquisition

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Early this week out of curiosity and boredom, I made a local go look at guns trek.
Just to look not to buy, until something caught my eye, something that I did not have but always was interested.
So I snatched it up.
Beretta U22 Neos in used but excellent condition. One I have never seen. Green top rail and green inserts in the grips.
Brought it home, broke it down, cleaned and shined it up, then did some investigation.

Looks like it is a Limited Edition, exclusive to Cabela's from 2007 and was listed as a Black Friday Deal that year.
Can not find any other listings other than some older closed sales on Guns America and GunBroker.

Just ordered some spare magazines at a very reasonable price, should be here first of next week.
Can't wait to go to the Range and sight her in.

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