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Beretta 87 (not target) w/ Suppressor Q's

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On the old board someone had some pictures of a Beretta Cheetah 87 non target with a suprressor attached. I would like to know who makes an extended barrel with threads and how well does the 87 work with a suppressor compared to other .22 pistols?
I love the 87 but would like to buy a .22 pistol to legally mount a suppressor on.
I want a removeable can as most of the integrally suppressed guns are way to long to carry comfortably when packing in the back country. If worse comes to worse it looks like the p22 with a suppressor is a cheap light weight package but quality wise it pales in comparison to the Cheetah.

If anyone has those pictures of the 87 with a can could you repost them or link to the dealer site that had them.


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As recently as a few years ago you could buy a 6" barrel for the 87 (non-target) that was originally made for the variant of the 87 that came with a 6" barrel and barrel weight/shroud. What we do for folks with the standard 87 is thread the existing barrel 7/16-28 tpi x .400 long (The barrel is .500 diameter). The silencer for the 87 would have a protrusion from the rear that is .500 diameter, about .450 long, and is threaded female 7/16-28 tpi. When the silencer is installed, it looks like it is growing out of the barrel. When the silencer is not attached, a thread protector that matches the barrel diameter is installed to protect the threads and give the barrel a more finished look.

Mike Smith
Advanced Armament Corp.
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