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Bench set-up

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Hello: How do you folks shoot your CZ off of the bench? I assume most use an adjustable front rest and some kind of bags in the rear. What set-up has worked for you. I realize practice is important and I enjoy my time shooting, but I want to make sure I am not practicing bad techniques. I shoot alone, so I can not check out anyone elses set-up and I have not found any good books or videos on shooting rimfire benchrest. I am enjoying the shooting, but I sure would like to break 240 next month. My front rest currently has a flat bag on it and I am considering putting one of the protektor #1 bags there. Any helpful bench shooting information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Ps I did the Brookie spring set-up on my CZ and the improvement was very noticeable.

Pss My scope is a Simmons 1022T (3x-9x). I am thinking of a Weaver T36.