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BeeSting Tuner & Tube: Lowey Tuner Cleaning Rod

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There are cleaning rods for the Harrell tuner, and I have 2 of them.
Both work well with the comparatively short Harrell tube.

The BeeSting tuner & tube is a one-piece unit making it difficult to clean with
a wooden dowel or a pistol cleaning rod.

Lowey Products (Australia) made cleaning rods for their own Lowey tuners, so I asked
Debbie if she could make me a cleaning rod for the BeeSting........


I gave her a few measurements for the BeeSting, made a color choice, and after about
a month, look what arrived....

Looks and works perfectly.

While it comes from faraway Australia, distance is not a problem; and, Paypal payment is simple worldwide.

Check out their other products.
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Lowery Products is first class. I've bought a couple things from them and have been nothing but pleased. Debbie is joy to work with. Am strongly considering getting their carbon fiber extender tube for my Walther KK200.

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I think where Lowey Products really shine are their bolt protectors...... I have one for each
bolt rifle.

Yes, Lowey products are well-made, first-class products.

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