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Bedding job

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Who does professional bedding jobs on a CZ .17hmr varmint rifle on this sight? My .17 hmr shoots about 3/4" at 80yds and I think it can do better, but I'm scared to try bedding it myself. Any pro's out there ? If so how long would it take to do it and how much money ?

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Rickey, here is a link...

to how a bedding job should be done on a CZ. There are different models of CZ's so it may not apply to yours. Its also difficult to get gunsmiths to agree on what a good bedding job is.

Check with some of your local gunsmiths in Michigan to see if they will do the job for you. Shipping a rifle out of state can be a hassle.

You may be able to handle something like this. There are a lot of factors involved and questions that need to be asked...that can't over the internet. Talk to a well recommended local gunsmith.

Hope this helps.

I agree with Dan.IMHO a bedding job just is not worth the hassle of sending a gun out of state.

Talk to some local shooters at the local gunclub(s).Ask them who does good "tuning" work in the area.

Some of the best and most talented folks locally may not even be gunsmith's but local shooters who do VERY good work for others from time to time..

Who ever you deal with, be sure and see EXAMPLES of their work.. ;)
Thanks Sharpsman...Heres what I percieve...

as a common problem with the CZ's. A new CZ owner trying to improve their new baby floats the barrel by removing excess material in the barrel channel.

A problem arises if too much wood is removed allowing the barrel and action to move side to side. This can happen because the taper of the barrel was held in place by the stock and the inletting on the round reciever may not be tight. The tapered stock near the barrel keeps the action in line.

You will also notice that there is a flat section in the front of the stock where the action/reciever mate. There is also what appears to be recesses for a recoil lug. The bottom front action is also flat, so you have two flat surfaces which can cause side to side movement if too much wood was taken from the front of the stock.

This problem only applies to the CZ's with the rear floating dovetailed lug and front magazine screw. If you go to link I previous supplied, you will note that there is a small bedding pad under the barrel in front of the action. This pad allows the round surfaces of the barrel to mate with the round surface of the stock. I bedded mine in the area near the recoil lug under the action because there are some grooves in this area that provide a good lock up.
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The rifle was shooting 3/8" to 1/2" group's at 100yds the week before I took it apart for cleaning
So I'm sure its a mater of the right tork on the action screw. But i think i would be easyer to just pillar bed it and have it done with.
Thank's for the help guys
So the rifle went from 3/8"

at 100 to 3/4"s at 80? Could be wind, dirty/clean barrel or the fact that you took it apart.

If its shooting that good you might not want to bed the stock unless you take it apart all the time to putz with the trigger or clean it. Not saying you do this take yours apart all the time, but I always strip my rifles after hunting in the rain. Also not saying you floated your barrel Rickey, its just a common problem.
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