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Every bolt action, and most autos, in my home are bedded, except one. I have a Savage 22 MK II BVSS. It is so [email protected] accurate I am afraid to do anything to it. I have dozens of one shot kills on early spring prarie dogs at just under 700 yards with a 7mm, and just over 500 yards with a 204. My rifles are VERY accurate, but the MK II, I won't touch until something breaks. Shoot it first before deciding to bed it.

But, I bedded them all. It is not difficult if you take your time and make absolutely certain that every crack, crevice, dent, and hole are filled to flush with plumber's putty. Make sure it is completely dry before seperating, and use a good release agent - I use KIWI shoe polish.

If it is a wood stock, use Devcon Plastisteel. For synthetic stocks, I'll defer to others.

This is what I used. Read it, then read it again, then order the DVD...

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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