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Bedding a 10/22

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Hello folks, this is my first post on this fine forum. I shoot an anschutz bolt gun most of the time, but am in the process of building a 10/22. The action is sorted, its a volquartsen, fitted with one of their stainless fluted barrels, with built in compensator, and all the usual internals, still havent decided on the stock, but its gonna be something special :D Not being overly familiar with these guns, i realise they have only one stock screw. Is it possible to pillar bed this screw? and can the whole action be synthetically bedded, with such as acraglas? is it worth it? my apologies if this has been asked before, if someone could direct me to the post, i would be grateful.
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Thank you gentlemen, that was most informative, and very clear, easy to follow instructions. I,ve bedded fullbores before, so i,m familiar with the process, just need to make up my mind stockwise now! :D
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