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Been a bit since I last posted in the RFC forums. Still visit often though. In any case I wanted to share the latest stock I have just finished. This is a inlet for a full Kidd Supergrade action.

In any case:

IN the beginning our Lord grew a western big leaf maple tree. Nature decided that she would make this tree special. And thus I acquired a beautiful blank to carve/mill this stock from:

More to come:
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You've got wood!
That is a stellar piece of wood
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Sometime **it happens. A tiny piece of the walnut burl butt fell out. This required me to sand a small area and drop fill the small void. Can't even tell it was there now.

After a number of hours the stock is mostly done. Other than the pillar and rear tang escutcheon bedding. Beautiful piece of maple dontcha think?

As always I literally brand my stocks. With being in Tucson, AZ? Appropriate, right?

Feel free to pm if you have any questions. Thanks for checking my thread out. Stay safe and well all.:bthumb:
Old post but I wanted to say... Very nice work!
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