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Barrel Tuners

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What can you guys tell me about barrel tuners?What exactly do they do?Where could I get one?Thanks
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After asking this question about a month ago and not getting a repley. I'll tell you what I found out and why I bought the one that
I did.

There are 4 different ones that I know of that attach to the end of your barrel and remind you of a bloop tube.
Hohen Sales-(636)-745-8144
Harrell's Precision-(540)-380-2683
Time Precision-(203)-775-8343
Fudd Tuners- Don't have a number for him

There is also one that fits between your barrel and stock called
a BUGHOLE TUNER. Don't have anything on it either.

I don't know how to put this on the screen so I'll just have to type
it http://members.cox.net/benchrest/index.html then go to #78 under rimfire and you can see some pictures.

Anyway I bought one from Hoehn after talking to some bench rest
shooters hre in Arkansas.
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