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Barrel Tuners:

When a rifle is fired, vibrations occur throughout the barrel as the bullet makes its way out. These vibrations cause the barrel to move, usually against the force of gravity that prior to the shot, was applying a force in a downward direction on the barrel.

In centerfire arms, handloaders "tune" or adjust their loads to most effectively stabilize this vibration to a point where the vibration is consistant from shot to shot. The barrel will still move, but the load is tuned to impart a harmonic vibration that is more or less predictable from shot to shot. It is in essence a predictable damping effect on the moment forces acting on the barrel during firing.

In rimfire arms, we cannot tune the load because we don't handload. Instead we find an ammunition that has the most favorable and consistant characteristics in our particular gun. This goes most of the way toward taming inconsistant vibration.

The next step is to install some sort of passive vibration damper, or tuner. The photos already posted are of the type that install on the end of a barrel. They adjust mechanically by changing length. The mass added to the end of the barrel, and then adjusted during firing, changes the moment force acting on the end of the barrel. One spends a lot of time with the best ammo you can find, tuning (changing the length of the tuner) until the most consistant point of adjustment is found. This is the point at which the mass of the tuner, combined with a specific change in its length, dampens the peaks of the waves of vibration in the most effective manner, thus letting the bullet exit the barrel during each shot when the end of the barrel is in a specific place during each shot.

Tuner settings change for each different type of ammo shot.

There are also tuners that are pressure points installed under the barrel, that apply specific pressure between the barrel and the stock.

Do a search on the RFC site for tuners and you may find similar discussions to this one.

Hope this helps.
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