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Barrel Removal Marlin 60 795

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Actually I'm asking about a 70, but they appear to all be the same.

I've got a barrel with a ring or bulge in it. Bought it that way, but did not know it. This gun has been a real education for me, and that's not all bad. Numrich has barrels at reasonable prices so I'm going to continue my education on these Marlins. Also an RFC member thinks he has a friend with a barrel for me. So that's not a problem.

Anyone have instructions, advice, etc.? I found some on another forum, but I'm going to have to register to see the photos. At this point I know it's pinned, and the pin is directional.

Also, I have a regular vise. I can see this receiver getting deformed pretty easily. How should this be handled? What should I use in the vise to protect the receiver, in addition to common sense? I'm not worried about the paint on the receiver, because the previous hack already spray painted it. In fact, I now believe he had the barrel off the gun to punch out the stuck bullets. Anyway, since I am going to refinish the receiver, would it make sense to heat up the aluminum receiver with a heat gun before driving the barrel out?
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The best all-round paint for the receiver after you strip it is from Brownells

It's called Aluma-hyde, Made for aluminum receivers.

Plenty of previous posts to dig through on refinishing receivers.
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