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barrel marks

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Hi Shooters
I now have about 2500 rounds through my GM brl. and have developed a gray mark at the 10 o'clock position on the brl.. I can't remove this mark with bore clnr.,sweets, or even jb paste. When I use bore clnr. on a Q tip and rub this spot, the q will turn black but the mark will not come off. I don't know if it is lead buildup or heat that has caused this mark. Is it possible that the bolt is not sitting squarely against the brl. and maybe gases are being expelled at this area to cause this mark?:confused: Has anyone ever experianced this problem? Thanks for looking. By the way, the buildup is not thick, it's just there.

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Big Mike
Thanks for the explanation. And yes, it is on the breech of the brl.. It is not affecting anything at all other than just leaving a mark. Thanks again. :t
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