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Barrel loading / cleaning for accuracy

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Hey Guys,

I've read a few comments about cleaning cycles - every 500 rounds - or when ever the accuaracy falls off or never use a brush, or only use solevent and oil, ect.

I've been running a snake (with the two small brushes) through after every day at the range aprox. 350 to 450 rounds. Some times I use a little solivent after wards... and I always finish with a light coating of oil and one last clean patch after that. I've been wondering... what If I didn't clean at all - until my accuracy started to fall way off BUT, DO I LEAVE the barrel WITHOUT oil for that period?

And about accuracy - I've been shooting at one of the targets from our home page, prove it # 5 - the target with the 48 1" bulls eye. I get, on average, 50% or better inside (not touching the line)the 9/16 inner circle line, from 100' at our indoor range. Also on average, about 3 shots touch or are just outside the outer circle line (per target). I am using CCI Mini Mags, witht the Simmons T1022 Scope.

Should I be using some other cleaning routine? I'm thinking about NOT cleaning the barrel tonight - or just running some clean patches to get any loose stuff out...??? You all know how much I appreciate your help and expertice - Great targets too!