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Barrel life

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Hello, i don't know how many rounds may be fired in a typical bolt action rifle before it start to loose accurazy.:confused:
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Barrel Life - .22 Long Rifle

I have shot old WW1 era rimfires and have found them generally very accurate. I own an old pre-War Mauser Mm 410b and it groups 1/4" at 50m - but not as good as this when I shoot it!

The book by Sam Fadala ('The Book of the Twenty-two') quotes a barrel life of several hundred thousand rounds. C.S.Landis in 'Hunting with the .22' mentions a similarly large figure. I assume this is using regular velocity ammo - but then these are all one really needs for small-game hunting at realistic ranges.

Bullets of a lighter weight shed their velocity more rapidly and regular velocity/subsonics are usually more accurate. But I digress. In practice you will never wear out a rimfire. If you do wear it out through shooting, and not through improper cleaning practices, then you are richer than I am to be able to afford all that ammo!

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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