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About a month ago I bough a pretty clean 44 US BR from the CMP. I found a 42 bolt and trigger group to get it into firing shape. I've been intrigued by the F class guns that float the entire barrel/receiver combo. I thought I'd try the same with this action.

I didn't think that a rimfire would need the same level of "stoutness" that the centerfire barrel blocks need so I 3D printed the block. It's the gray block in the pictures. The block clamps around the barrel and first bit of the receiver and is then bolted into the stock with long 8-32 bolts. The whole thing is solid.

I had never attempted to try and make any sort of stock before and the pictures show that I am no wood crafting master by any stretch of the imagination. This stock is red oak from Lowes glued up and chopped up to get it into shape. The forend is 3" wide. I know now where I made a lot of mistakes so I'm sketching up Rev 2. I sank an aluminum piece into the stock to attach the AR grip and the shoulder stock is a lightweight ACE piece I had on hand.

I took it out to the range today to see how it would shoot. I forgot to bring my rear bag and I was using a Bald Eagle front rest. I still haven't totally gripped the rest and the adjustments and the shoulder stock did not lend itself very well to using my off hand to steady it. This group is typical of what I had the entire session. This happens to be Norma Match 22. I'd get three right there and blow the next two. All the groups were right at the 1" mark in total size. I also shot CC! SV; Norma TAC 22; Aquila Target Match; and Aguila Rifle match. I put a total of 115 rounds through it. All shots are at 50 yards.

I also had three groups like this one from the Aguila Rifle Match. Three into one hole then two close together but off the first three. Again, I'm probably a better stock maker than a marksman (sad, really) and I was moving around and trying different holds so that may account for some of the spreads.

This was a fun project and I think it has some potential once I get all the peripheral stuff figured out. The 3D printed block looks like it has more than enough strength to keep the whole barrel/receiver locked down. I'll be rounding up a real 44 stock and the associated pieces for that but in the meantime, I'll keep fooling around with this.

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