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Barrel bending

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...about 6 weeks ago I posed a question to this forum about barrel bending. I have a stock, all weather ruger 10/22 that shoots way left. I adjusted my Williams peep site to the point that it would fall off the right side of the base and centered my groups. I asked about bending the barrel and BigMike suggested there were probably many other things I could look at first. Agreed. The stock being the first. I went to the range today and shot this gun. I swapped the stock from the synthetic to the standard carbine beechwood without a barrel band to the walnut sporter which does not have a barrel band at all. point of impact @ 25 yards shifted from an elevation standpoint but not from a windage standpoint. I suspect the elevation POI shift was due to the differences in torque on the stocks so I discount that. the windage was centered, confirming the rear aperature setting way right. Next?



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Shoots Way Left


Three more things to check before you ship your 10/22 back to "Ruger" for a new barrel (?):

1. Examine the crown, looking for any burrs; use a Q-Tip and look for any fibers that catch on a burr...! !

2. Check for a 'bent' or 'shifted' front sight blade...! !

3. Check for barrel to receiver alignment; possibly one screw is tighter than the other, thus pulling the barrel to the left...? ?

Hope you find the problem...... :)

Good Luck...! ! ;)
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